Why Choose Professional Personnel Inc

Communication – Professional Personnel Inc. maintains extended business hours, so we’re always there when you need us. Even after hours, you can always reach an on-call, Professional Personnel Inc. coordinator.

Safety – We know that no one wants the pain of work – related accidents and we work hard to avoid them. Our proactive program includes a written safety manual and basic safety training for all associates. It means our workers will arrive prepared – gloves, work boots, hats, back belts, etc.

Management Support – the operations team in Professional Personnel Inc. service center is committed to supporting you. We know that regular communication is essential to success, and we are prepared to understand your changing needs.

At Professional Personnel Inc. the first assignment is serving you!

Insurance – All Professional Personnel Inc. are insured for bodily injury, liability and covered by Workmen’s Compensation.

Why Choose Professional Personnel Inc.
Because your business is unique and we take the time to understand it. At Professional Personnel Inc, we want to learn about your business, your work-place and the specific job you need done before we begin service. Your requirements are passed on to the associates we assign before work begins at your site.

Experience – When you call Professional Personnel Inc. you can count on speaking with someone who understands your needs and knows how to help. Professional Personnel Inc Coordinators average three to five years of professional industry experience.

Recruiting – Professional Personnel Inc. carefully manages a diversified and on-going recruitment plan . while paid ads and walk- ins do play a part , it is our unique partnerships in the community that make Professional Personnel Inc. first in recruit-ing competence.

Hiring process – At Professional Personnel Inc. it is a process (not “who’s next”). We can provide a variety of testing including drug screens, back-ground checks, attitudinal assessments and medical reviews. The result is a better prepared, more reliable worker.

Committed Associates – At Professional Personnel Inc. we value our associates, and let them know it. To maintain a more committed workforce, we offer our associates valuable benefits and attractive bonus plans.

Honest Service – When you call with an “urgent” request, we let you know immediately if we cannot be of assistance. We never make promises we can’t keep! We simply deliver quality and service promptly.